Discover Your God-Given Potential


God absolutely intends for you to live in abundance and experience complete fulfillment.

You can create your best life! 

You can be all the God created you to be! 

You can live with consistent joy, peace, and fulfillment! 

You can live with purpose and make an eternal impact!


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From the Foreword by Dr. Bill Winston -  

To borrow from the pages of this book, Creating Your Best Life, by my friend Bill Walton, this is not a book you read; it’s a book you do. That is, if you want to create the supernaturally blessed, beyond-your-wildest-dreams life that Bill lives and writes about in this book. This book deserves your time and prayerful attention. The results are guaranteed and the rewards will be tremendous. 

5 star Amazon Reviews -
"For anyone who has known there is something more out there, and you couldn’t quite put it into words, this book is for you." - Dusty W
"My expectations were exceeded! I have already begun to see a momentum shift in my life!" - Andrea R
"The keys and action steps provided in this book will provide at least 1000X return on the investment in yourself. It has for me." - Kindle Customer
"A step-by-step template to live fully in God's desired abundance for our lives. This book will rock your world in the best way!!" - Judy S
"If you are tired of your situation and desire a change but don't know how to; Creating Your Best Life was written for you." - Dominion Bookstore

Do you feel like God isn’t answering your prayers? 

Do you believe life has more for you? 

Are you tired of being broke?

One of the challenges most Christians face is seeing and experiencing God’s promises. We know He wants us to be fulfilled. We know He wants us to experience abundance. But no matter how much we try, how much we pray, we constantly feel like we are on a hamster wheel. Never making progress.

You want to change but you’re starting to feel powerless.

  • I don’t know where to begin.
  • I did what they said and it didn’t work.
  • No one has been able to help me break through. 
  • Is this really all there is for a child of God? 

You feel like you are living below your potential

And definitely far below God’s best for your life!

Knowing God loves you and wants to bless you…

But not experiencing it is painful.

Why God?!

What am I doing wrong?

What am I missing? 

Is anyone else having these same thoughts and feelings?

It seems crazy to have faith but still feel so hopeless.

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you;

But most days you feel powerless to change. 

I’ve been there

I was a young newlywed so broke we couldn’t pay our bills. I was trusting God, and doing the best I knew how. But it wasn’t working. I was frustrated. I felt powerless. But my desperation also created a determination in me to find a better way!

Everything changed one morning when I knelt down on some ugly rust-orange, hippy era shag carpet and began to cry out to God! That prayer led to a supernatural encounter and to a 25 year journey of uncovering God’s keys to creating my best life. After decades of learning and applying the revelation God has given me, now I’ve developed the process covered in my Amazon Best Seller: Creating Your Best Life and built the CYBL Community so that you can do the same! This is the step by step process to creating your best life, and I can show you how - 

Step 1

Discover God’s love for you.

Step 2

Learn who you really are.

Step 3

Understand your God-given potential.

Step 4

Decide to create a new life

Step 5

Unleash your God-given power!

Step 6


If you follow these steps, which I walk you through in detail in the book, you will experience the shift from feeling aimless, full of questions, and overwhelmed with frustration to feeling clarity, filled with hope, and overflowing with fulfillment!

Creating Your Best Life is a journey that takes time but nearly everyone who has learned and applied this process has begun to see results in as little as 90 days! 

Imagine feeling the confidence that comes with a clear vision of the future, being fully aligned with God’s plan for your life, and knowing with certainty that you can create that future! This is exactly what’s in store for you!

Don’t take my word for it, though. Just listen to what others who have begun creating their best lives are saying about the results they’ve experienced - 

Travis & Meg

"Since beginning to apply the Creating Your Best Life framework 3 years ago, our business has tripled in revenue!. We have doubled our personal tithe, and have also begun to sow financial seed into very specific ground due to the Creation Sequence. We have taken back our power to choose forgiveness and love when it would have been easier to blame and not take responsibility. Our marriage, intimacy and over all vitality has been transformed through these concepts as well. We really do not have enough space to accurately articulate the impact we have received through the leadership of Bill Walton and Mark Keene. Choosing your best life for us has everything to do with receiving the right tools, being in the right environment and becoming a student to those you desire to imitate. Without these concepts, we would not be living into God's best story and plan for our lives."

Jessica H.

"Before I implemented the creation sequence in my morning routine I was experiencing lack in every area of my life, and I was led by fear. Within one month, I started seeing things turn around in a drastic way. Now, less than two years later, my life looks absolutely nothing like it did before. I experience no lack in my life at all. I’ve seen transformation in every area of my life. I am truly living the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10. Now my life is not led by fear, but it is led by faith."

These folks were just given pieces or individual teachings, and these are the kinds of results they are getting!

Now, you have the opportunity to access all the lessons I’ve learned over 25 years of studying and researching, testing and applying. It’s all documented in my new book, “Creating Your Best Life: Discover Your God-Given Potential.”

This isn’t just a book; it’s also a workbook that walks you through step by step exercises of how to create your best life! This isn’t some “pie in the sky, hype you up and leave you helpless to create real change” kind of book! This is a “how to manual” that gives you the understanding AND the tools to execute! 


About Bill Walton

Bill Walton is a global thought leader, coach, author, and speaker on business and biblical success principles. His work has impacted thousands of financial and business leaders, multi-billion dollar corporations, professional athletes, and the foremost leaders in Christian leadership and business. He has an international influence reaching across the U.S. and to five continents. Bill has founded and grown many successful businesses and currently owns and partners in 20 diverse businesses, many of which he serves as the CEO. Bill, along with his wife Nathalie, founded a nonprofit called EnReturn that focuses on rescuing children from sex trafficking as well as helping single moms. In the financial services industry, he and his partner’s firms currently oversee and advise on over $1 billion in assets, as well as billions more in businesses and real estate. Bill has been featured in Fox Business, Forbes, S&P 500 television, and Fox Business online. As a Kingdom entrepreneur, he continues to carry the mantle of “pastor” in the marketplace on a mission from God to help Christians discover the keys to biblical success. Bill has invested more than two decades of research and study to discover both the natural and the supernatural keys of success that transform lives and businesses. As a speaker and coach, he can help any Christian business person hungering for God’s best to begin creating their best life and find true fulfillment through the Creating Your Best Life framework.

I’m tired of Christians struggling financially. 
My heart breaks every time someone tells me they feel trapped in lack and overwhelmed by debt. Followers of Christ beaten down by circumstances and hopelessness is NOT God’s will. 


I want you to get this book because it holds the keys to creating a whole new life for you! It’s not a mystery. It’s not too complicated. It’s not  just for the super spiritual or the born leader. I want you to discover the unlimited potential of God within you to create your very best life! 


It’s time! Click below and purchase your copy of the Amazon International Best Seller!