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You can create your best life, and this book is going to teach you how!

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You can create your best life and this book is going to teach you how!


I know, you believe God is good and He wants to bless you, but you are wondering, “Why isn’t it happening in MY life? What am I missing?”

You want to change but you’re starting to feel powerless when it comes to creating your best life! 


  • I don’t know where to begin.

  • I did what they said and it didn’t work.

  • No one has been able to help me break through. 

  • Is this really all there is for a child of God?


I’ve been there. I was a young newlywed so broke we couldn’t pay our bills. I was trusting God, and doing the best I knew how. But it wasn’t working. I was frustrated. I felt powerless. But my desperation also created a determination in me to learn how to create my best life! 

I’ve been on a 25 year journey of discovering my God-given potential and the keys to creating my best life. I’ve spent decades learning from giants in the Kingdom of God, as well as some of the most successful people in business to uncover the biblical success principles that enable us to create our best life! Now I’ve gathered all those secrets in this book Creating Your Best Life and built the CYBL Community so that you can do the same! 

There is a Kingdom-solution to take you from where you are to where you want to be! And it’s not as complicated or as difficult as you think it is! 

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I can’t wait to hear YOUR testimony among the hundreds of others who have already used the principles in this book to create their best lives!